ID Theft & Info Security            

Every business is at risk to a data breach.  Breaches can occur in many different ways but the most common are the result of a lost or stolen laptop or smart phone, paper files that are not disposed of properly, or an online hacker gaining access to confidential information.  Cyber attacks are occurring every day and there are millions of dollars at stake.  The payouts associated with a loss can be daunting including first party privacy and notification costs, third party liability claims, and regulatory fines and penalties.

The insureds’ responsibilities in the event of a breach can be very overwhelming.  Having the right insurance protection is critical to their business’ sustainability.  EE Hall will help to ensure that your clients are prepared and protected. 

Coverages & Services Available
Including but not limited to:

 •  Information Security & Privacy Liability
 •  Business Interruption
 •  Notification Expenses
 •  Defense & Settlement of Claims
 •  PR/Crisis Management
 •  Website Media Content Liability
 •  Regulatory Investigation Expenses
 •  Cyber Extortion
 •  Credit Monitoring
 •  Computer Security Forensic Expertise

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